Publications starting with A
Alex Schuessler: ABC Etymological Dictionary of Old Chinese
T. E. MacLeod: Abstract Journal of an Expedition to Kiang Hung on the Chinese Frontier, starting from Moulmein on the 13th December, 1836
Denis Twitchett: Achilles Fang (tr.): The chronicle of the Three Kingdoms (220265): chapters 6978 from the Tzǔ chih t'ung chien of Ssǔ-ma Kuang
Henry Soltau: Across China from Bhamo to Shanghai
John McCarthy: Across China from Chin-kiang to Bhamo, 1877
Archibald R. Colquhoun: Across Chrysê
Archibald R. Colquhoun: Across Chrysê
Francis Kingdon Ward: Across The Chung-Tien Plateau
Gabriel Bonvalot: Across Thibet - being a Translation of 'De Paris au Tonkin a traversde Tibet Inconnu'
Charles Hucker: A Dictionary of Official Titles in Imperial China
W. N. Fergusson: Adventure, Sport and Travel on the Tibetan Steppes
F. Kingdon Ward: Aftermath of the Great Assam Earthquake of 1950
Erik Mueggler: Age of Wild Ghosts
H. Verhaeren: A German Edition of Fr. Martini's "Novus Atlas Sinensis"
Arthur Waley: A Hundred and Seventy Chinese Poems
E. C. Young: A Journey from Yün-Nan to Assam
Jim Goodman: Akha
Helen B. Chapin: A Long Roll of Buddhist Images
Helen B. Chapin: A Long Roll of Buddhist Images
Helen B. Chapin: A Long Roll of Buddhist Images
Alexander C. Soper and Helen B. Chapin: A Long Roll of Buddhist Images (I)
J. W. Gregory and C. J. Gregory: Alps of Chinese Tibet and Their Geographical Relations
Anthony R Walker: A Mahāyānist Movement in the Luohei Shan (Lahu Mountains) of Southwestern Yunnan
John E. Herman: Amid the Clouds and Mist
Archibald R. Colquhoun: Amongst The Shans
William H. Hudspeth: Among the Flowery Miao
Samuel R. Clarke: Among the Tribes in South-West China
Pascale Richardin, Françoise Cuisance and Nathalie Buisson: AMS radiocarbon dating and scientific examination of high historical value manuscripts
Zheng Xihuang: An Atlas of Ancient Maps in China
John Anderson: Anatomical and Zoological Researches Comprising an Account of the Zoological Results of Two Expeditions to Western Yunnan in 1868 and 1875
David R. Knechtges and Taiping Chang: Ancient and Early Medieval Chinese Literature
Jun Wenren: Ancient Chinese Encyclopedia of Technology
P. C. Bagchi: Ancient Chinese Names of India
Joseph Francis Rock: Ancient Na-khi Kingdom of Southwest China
Joseph Francis Rock: Ancient Na-khi Kingdom of Southwest China
Gordon H. Luce: Ancient Pyu
Steven F. Sage: Ancient Sichuan and the Unification of China
Huang Ji, Pei Shengji and Long Chunlin: An Ethnobotanical Study of Medicinal Plants used by the Lisu People in Nujiang, Northwest Yunnan, China
John L. Christian: Anglo-French Rivalry in Southeast Asia: Its Historical Geography and Diplomatic Climate
Yan Yuan: An Interpretation of Religious Influences of the Dai Nationality on the Atsang Language and Culture: A Case Study
J D Frodsham: Anthology of Chinese Verse
David W. Pankenier: Applied Field-Allocation Astrology in Zhou China
Benjamin March: Approach To Chinese Painting
G. Colborne Baber: Approximate Determination of Positions in South-Western China
Ralph Merrifield: Archaeology of Ritual and Magic
Miriam T. Stark: Archeology of Asia
R. M. W. Dixon and A. Y. Aikhenvald: Areal Diffusion and Genetic Inheritance: Case Studies in Language Change
James C. Scott: Art of Not Being Governed
Maxwell K. Hearn and Judith G. Smith: Arts of the Sung and Yüan
C. Patterson Giersch: Asian Borderlands
Colin Mackerras: Aspects of Bai Culture: Change and Continuity in a Yunnan Nationality
F. Kingdon Ward: Assam Earthquake of 1950
Zhang Xianfu, Qu Kaixing and Jia Peng: Assessing Genomic Diversity and Productivity Signatures in Dianzhong Cattle by Whole-Genome Scanning
Jean-Claude Martzloff: Astronomy and Calendars
Boleslaw Szcezeniak: Athanasius Kircher's: China Illustrata
George Morrison: Australian in China
A. Guibaut: Au Tibet par la vallee de la Salouen
A.-F. Legendre: Au Yunnan et dans le massif du Kin-ho (Fleuve D'or)
Alfred Lietard: Au Yunnan Les Lo-Lo p'o: une tribu des aborigenes de la Chine meridionale