Publications starting with F
R. David Arkush: Fei Xiaotong and Sociology in Revolutionary China
Deng Qiyao and Zhang Liu: Festivals in the Mysterious Land of Yunnan: The Festivals and Traditional Ceremonies of the Minority Nationalities in Yunnan
E-Tu Zen Sun: Finance Minstry (Hubu) and its Relationship to the Private Economy in Qing Times
Raymond Dawson: First Emperor
马健雄 (Ma Jianxiong): Five Buddha Districts on the Yunnan-Burma Frontier
Angus McDonald: Five Foot Road
David Crockett Graham: Folk Religion in Southwest China
Nancy Lee Swann: Food and Money in Ancient China
James Lee: Food Supply and Population Growth in Southwest China, 1250-1850
Emily T. Yeh: Forest Claims, Conflicts and Commodification: The Political Ecology of Tibetan Mushroom-Harvesting Villages in Yunnan Province, China
He Zhonghua: Forest Management in Mosuo Matrilineal Society, Yunnan, China
Koichi Shinohara: Forest of Pearls from the Dharma Garden
Peter Goullart: Forgotten Kingdom
Joseph Kolmas: Four Letters of Po Chu-i to the Tibetan Authorities (808-810 A.D.)
Dorothy C. Wong: Four Sichuan Buddhist Steles and the Beginnings of Pure Land Imagery in China
Charles Lyte: Frank Kingdon-Ward: The Last of the Great Plant Hunters
Martin Stuart-Fox: French in Laos, 1887-1945
Francis Kingdon Ward: From China to the Hkamti-Long
Zeng Chen and Christoph Anderl: From Colloquialism to Metaphorical Expression
China Reconstructs: From Jungle-Forest to Socialism
马健雄 (Ma Jianxiong): From 'Luo Bandits' to 'Lahu Nationality'
Yingjin Zhang: From "Minority Film" to "Minority Discourse": Questions of Nationhood and Ethnicity in Chinese Cinema
R. F. Johnston: From Peking to Mandalay: A Journey from North China to Burma through Tibetan Ssuch'uan and Yunnan
R. Logan Jack: From Shanghai to Bhamo
Angela Falco Howard: From the Han to the Southern Song
Francis Kingdon Ward: From the Yangtze to the Irrawaddy
Prince Henri d'Orleans: From Tonkin to China by the Source of the Irawadi
Robert M. Farnsworth: From Vagabond to Journalist: Edgar Snow in Asia 1928-1941
Peter Lorge: From Warlord to Emperor
Wen-Chin Chang: From War Refugees to Immigrants: The Case of the KMT Yunnanese Chinese in Northern Thailand
Wim van Spengen: Frontier History of Southern Kham: Banditry and War in the Multi-ethnic Fringe Lands of Chatring, Mili and Gyethang, 1890-1940
Francis Allard: Frontiers and Boundaries
Mary Augusta Brazelton: Frontiers of Immunology
David R. Knechtges: Fu Poetry
Francis Garnier: Further Travels in Laos and Yunnan