Publications starting with H
Po-Yi Qiang: Han cultural and political influences in the transformation of the Shizhaishan cultural complex
Michael Dorn'eich: Hanshu 96
Alex Amies: Hanshu Volume 95 The Southwest Peoples, Two Yues, and Chaoxian
Yang Yuqing: Harmony & Heterotopias
Victor H. Mair: Hawai‘i Reader in Traditional Chinese Culture
John S. Major: Heaven and Earth in Early Han Thought
Jane Renfrew and Helen Sanderson: Herbs and Vegetables
云惟庆 (Woon Wee Teng): Hidden Treasures of Nanzhao and Dali Kingdoms
China Reconstructs: Highways for Impossible Mountains and Valleys
Michael Palin: Himalaya
James F. Fisher: Himalayan Anthropology: The Tibeto-Indian Interface
Christoph von Fürer-Haimendorf: Himalayan Traders
M. Emile Rocher: Histoire des princes du Yun-nan et leurs relations avec la Chine d'apres des documents historiques chinois
谭其骧 (Tan Qixiang): Historical Atlas of China
谭其骧 (Tan Qixiang): Historical Atlas of China
Ronnie L. Littlejohn: Historical Dictionary of Daoism
Yue Shu, Jennifer Giaccai and Blythe McCarthy: Historical, Modern, and Chemical Pigment Names
Feng Han-Yi and J. K. Shryock: Historical Origins of The Lolo
Richard L. Davies: Historical Records of the Five Dynasties
Hoyt Cleveland Tillman: Historic Analogies and Evaluative Judgments
Christine Mathieu: history and anthropological study of the ancient kingdoms of the Sino-Tibetan borderland - Naxi and Mosuo
Emil Bretschneider: History of European Botanical Discoveries in China
Melvyn C. Goldstein: History of Modern Tibet, 1913-1951
Chris Baker and Pasuk Phongpaichit: History of Thailand
Stevan Harrell and Yongxiang Li: History of the History of the Yi, Part II
Alexander Wylie: History of the Southern and South-Western Barbarians
Alexander Wylie: History of the South-Western Barbarians and Chaou-Seen
An Che Li: History of Tibetan Religion
Anne E. McLaren: History Repackaged in the Age of Print
Jay Kelley: Hominoid Radiation in Asia
Tzehuey Chiou-Peng: Horses in the Dian Culture of Yunnan
Bin Yang: Horses, Silver and Cowries: Yunnan in Global Perspective
Sem Vermeersch: How the Dharma Ended Up in the “Eastern Country”
Zong-Qi Cai: How to Read Chinese Poetry
Morten Schlütter: How Zen Became Zen
: Human migrations in continental East Asia and Taiwan: genetic, linguistic and archaeological evidence
Jasper Becker: Hungry Ghosts
John Langlois: Hung-wu Reign
Francis Kingdon Ward: Hydrography of the Yunnan-Tibet Frontier