Publications starting with I
Masako Wanatabe: Iconographic Study of "Ten Kings" Paintings
Moritaka Matsumoto: Iconological Study of Potalaka White-robed Kuan-shih-yin
John Steele: I-li
John Steele: I-li
Megan Bryson: Images of Humane Kings
Wendy Adamek: Imagining the Portrait of a Chan Master
Gustav Kreitner: Im Fernen Osten: Reisen des Grafen Bela Szechenyi in Indien, Japan, China, Tibet und Birma in den Jahren 1877-1880
Wen-Shing Chou: Imperial Apparitions: Manchu Buddhism and the Cult of Mañjuśrī
Lothar Ledderose: Im Schatten Hoher Bäume
S. B. Sutton: In China's Border Provinces
William H. Jr. Nienhauser: Indiana Companion to Traditional Chinese Literature
G Coedès: Indianized States of Southeast Asia
Samuel Beal: Indian Travels of Chinese Buddhists
E. Rosner and K. Wille: Indische Elemente in der Gründlingslegende des Königreiches Nanchao
Frank Kingdon-Ward: In Farthest Burma
Vicomte d'Ollone: In Forbidden China: The d'Ollone Mission 1906-1909 China-Tibet-Mongolia
彭邦本 (Peng Bangben): In Search of the Shu Kingdom
Robert D. Jenks: Insurgency and Social Disorder in Guizhou
Hayashi Yukio and Aroonrut Wichienkeeo: Inter-Ethnic Relations in the Making of Mainland Southeast Asia and Southwestern China
: International Conference on Philanthropy, the State and Globalization
: International Seminar on NTFP, Yunnan China, Laos, Vietnam
Elizabeth A. Bacus and Ian C. Glover: Interpreting Southeast Asia's Past
Anke Marion Hein: Interregional contacts and geographic preconditions in the prehistoric Liangshan region, Southwest China
Francis Kingdon Ward: In the Land of the Blue Poppy
Igor de Rachewiltz: In the Service of the Khan
David M. Robinson: In the Shadow of the Mongol Empire
Ping Ti Ho: Introduction of American Food Plants into China
Michael A. Fuller: Introduction to Chinese Poetry
Magnus Fiskesjö: Introduction to Wa Studies
N. Elias: Introductory Sketch of the History of the Shans in Upper Burma and Western Yunnan
Samuel Pollard: In Unknown China
F. Kingdon Ward: Irrawaddy Plateau
Marshall Broomhall: Islam in China