Publications starting with T
Jack Lemoine: Tai Lue Historical Relations with China and the Shaping of the Sipsong Panna Political System
Suriya Ratanakul: Tai People and Their Languages: Theories Concerning the Origin of the Tai Language and the Tai Homeland
William Clifton Dodd: Tai Race: Elder Brother of the Chinese
J. Michael Farmer: Talent of Shu
Sen Tansen and Victor H. Mair: Tale of Master Yuan of Mount Lu
Nanny Kim: Tangdan Copper Mines and the 1733 Earthquake
Kenneth Dean: Taoist Ritual and Popular Cults of Southeast China
Paul J. Smith: Taxing Heaven's Storehouse
Édouard Biot: Tcheou-Li
Bernd Melchers: Tempelbau
Ihor Pidhainy: Temples of Yunnan
T. Liu and M. Ding: tentative chronological correlation of early fossil horizons in China with loess-deep sea records
Jim Goodman: Terrace Builders
J. Siguret: Territoires et Populations des Confins du Yunnan
Ihor Pidhainy: Text and Image in Yang Shen's Poetry on Travel
James Legge: Texts of Confucianism
James Legge: Texts of Confucianism
James Legge: Texts of Taoism
Chen Han-Seng: Thai People of Yunnan
马健雄 (Ma Jianxiong) and Christian Daniels: The agency of local elites in the transformation of western Yunnan during the Ming dynasty
Magnus Fiskesjö: The Animal Other
Kwang-chih Chang: The Archeology of Ancient China
John Guy: The Avalokitesvara of Yunnan and some South East Asian Connections
John E. Herman: The Cant of Conquest
Xiong Xi: The Chinese Bronzes of Yunnan (Preface to the Chinese Edition)
Achilles Fang: The Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms (220–265)
Achilles Fang: The Chronicle of the Three Kingdoms (220–265)
Albert Terrien de Lacouperie: The Cradle of the Shan Race
Angela F Howard: The Dhāraṇī Pillar of Kunming, Yunnan
Mark Edward Lewis: The Feng and Shan sacrifices of Emperor Wu of the Han
James Legge: The Four Books
William H. Jr. Nienhauser: The Grand Scribe's Records
William H. Jr. Nienhauser: The Grand Scribe's Records
William H. Jr. Nienhauser: The Grand Scribe's Records
Frederick Shih-Chung Chen: The Great God of the Five Paths (Wudao Dashen 五道大神) in Early Medieval China
Mark Elvin: The Impact of Clearance and Irrigation on the Environment in the Lake Erhai Catchment from the Ninth to the Nineteenth Century
Ang Zou: The Life of Daoxuan
Burton Watson: The Lotus Sutra
Wendy Adamek: The Mystique of Transmission
James Anderson: The Rebel Den of Nùng Trí Cao
Arthur Waley: The Temple, and Other Poems
Christoper I. Beckwith: The Tibetan Empire in Central Asia
Christian Daniels and 马健雄 (Ma Jianxiong): The Transformation of Yunnan in Ming China
Denis Twitchett: The Writing of Official History Under the T'ang
David Faure: The Yao Wars in the Mid-Ming and their Impact on Yao Ethnicity
Jeffrey G. Barlow: The Zhuang Minority Peoples of the Sino- Vietnamese Frontier in the Song Period
: Three Hundred Poems of the Tang Dynasty
Moss Roberts: Three Kingdoms
Moss Roberts: Three Kingdoms
Ronald C. Iverson: Three Kingdoms
Luo Guanzhong: Three Kingdoms
Kimberley Ann Besio and Constantine Tung: Three Kingdoms and Chinese Culture
Alexander Hosie: Three Years in Western China: a Narrative of Three Journeys in Ss\uu-chuan, Kuei-chow and Y\ün-nan
Joseph Francis Rock: Through the Great River Trenches of Asia
Francis Kingdon Ward: Through the Lutzu Country to Menkong
Francis Kingdon Ward: Through Western Yunnan
Anthony Jackson: Tibetan Bön Rites in China
Swante Janson: Tibetan Calendar Mathematics
J. Salick, Y. Yongping and A. Amend: Tibetan Land Use and Change Near Khawa Karpo, Eastern Himalayas
J. Salick, A. Amend, D. Anderson, K. and Gunn Hoffmeister and F. Zhendong: Tibetan sacred sites conserve old growth trees and cover in the eastern Himalayas
F. Kingdon Ward: Tibet as a Grazing Land
Samuel Pollard: Tight Corners in China
Marshal Draper: Tin Industry of Yunnan
Jane Kate Leonard and John R. Watt: To Achieve Security and Wealth
David A. Bello: To Go Where No Han Could Go For Long: Malaria and the Qing Construction of Ethnic Administrative Space in Frontier Yunnan
: Topography of the Province of Yunnan; its divisions, area, rivers, mountains, towns, production, etc
John C. Lloyd: Toponyms of the Nanzhao Periphery
Sam Mitchell: Tourism and Development in Yunnan
C. P. Fitzgerald: Tower of Five Glories - A Study of the Min Chia of Ta Li, Yunnan
Yu Ying-shih: Trade and Expansion in Han China: a Study in the Structure of Sino-Barbarian Economic Relations
J. Coryton: Trade Routes between British Burmah and Western China
J. Coryton and Mr. Margary: Trade Routes between British Burmah and Western China; with Extracts of Letters from Mr. Margary
Wen-Chin Chang: Trading Culture of Jade Stones Among the Yunnanese in Burma and Thailand, 1962-88
Cordell D.K. Yee: Traditional Chinese Cartography and the Myth of Westernization
John L. Christian: Trans-Burma Trade Routes to China
Christoper Cullen: Translating 宿 *sukh/xiu and 舍 *lhah/she —‘lunar lodges’, or just plain ‘lodges’?
E. Colborne Baber: Travels and Researches in Western China
Eric Teichmann: Travels of a Consular Officer in Eastern Tibet. Together with a History of the Relations between China, Tibet and India
B.J. Mansvelt Beck: Treatises of Later Han
James M. Hargett: Treatises of the Supervisor and Guardian of the Cinnamon Sea
Martin R. Norins: Tribal Boundaries of the Burma-Yünnan Frontier
Nicholas Tapp: Tribal Peoples of Southwest China: Chinese Views of the Other Within
John W. Olsen: tribute to Jia Lanpo (1908-2001)
Fred. W. Carey: Trip to the Chinese Shan States
Min Cao, Xiaoming Zou, Matthew Warren and Hua Zhu: Tropical Forests of Xishuangbanna, China
Megan Bryson: Tsenpo Chung, Yunnan Wang, Mahārāja
William Hung: Tu Fu
Liew Foon Ming: Tuntian Farming of The Ming Dynasty (1358-1644)
Hsiao-hsien Wang: Turmoil in Yunnan: 1976-1977
Hans Ulrich Vogel: Types of Fuel used in the Salt Works of Sichuan and Yunnan in South-western China