Zheng He Cultural Tourism Festival 郑和文化旅游节

Friday, 11. July 2025 until Thursday, 17. July 2025 in 晋宁县城昆阳, Jinning Kunyang

Yunnan does not really have a sea border, but it has one famous seafaring son: Zhenghe 郑和, a Muslim from Jinning, who in the early 15th century commanded a Chinese fleet in its exploration of the southern seas.

The location of the festival is likely to be Kunyang's Zhenghe Park. The festival was apparently upgraded in 2010 to an 'important' festival and according to http://en.kunming.cn/index/content/2010-06/28/content_2206521.htm the local government is trying to promote it as a local tourism event.
Festival held according to western/solar calendar on 11.7.

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