Yunnan · Qujing · Fuyuan
Gugan Shui Township 古敢水族乡

Yunnan's only Shui-Township with stunning karst scenery.
Picture: Undeveloped countryside near Gugan Shui Township.
Gugan: Undeveloped countryside near Gugan Shui Township.

Gugan 古敢, a remote township surrounded on three sides by Guizhou province, is the home of Yunnan's Shui ethnic minority. In their villages, in the beautiful Huangnihe Valley below towering karst mountains, time seems to have stood still: houses are built from rough unhewn stone, hot-springs provide warm water and not even the wheel seems to have been invented: bullocks and buffaloes pull sledges not carts.

Travel Notes

Best connected from Weishe in Guizhou, with little accommodation or food.


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