Publications starting with C
Willard J. Peterson: Calendar Reform Prior to the Arrival of Missionaries at the Ming Court
Mette Halskov Hansen: Call of Mao or Money? Han Chinese Settlers on China's South-western Borders
Xian-Guang Hou, Richard J. Aldridge, Jan and Siviter Bergström, Derek J. Siveter and Xiang-Hong Feng: Cambrian Fossils of Chengjiang, China. The Flowering of Early Animal Life
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Denis Twitchett and Frederick W. Mote: Cambridge History of China, Volume 8: the Ming Dynasty, 1368-1644, Part 2
Edouard Chavannes: Camille Sainson: Nan tchao ye che
Roy Chapman Andrews and Yvette Borup Andrews: Camps and Trails in China - A Narrative of Exploration, Adventure and Sport in Little-Known China
Ann Maxwell Hill: Capitives, Kin, and Slaves in Xiao Liangshan
J.B. Harley and David Woodward: Cartography in the Traditional East and Souteast Asian Societies
Kevin Caffrey: Case of the Disappearing Altar
Zhang Jinfeng, Wang Wenbing and Geng Yunfen: Case Study on the Exploitation and Management of NTFP in Shirong Village of Xiaruo Township in Deqing County
Arthur Waley: Catalogue Of Paintings Recovered From Tun-huang
Neville Agnew, Marcia Reed and Tevvy Ball: Cave Temples of Dunhuang
Anonymous: Chairman Mao's Important Instruction Concerning the Question of Yunnan
Bernard Faure: Chan Buddhism in Ritual Context
Moritaka Matsumoto: Chang Sheng-Wen's Long Roll of Buddhist Images
China Reconstructs: Chengtu-Kunming Railway - Through Rugged Mountain Terrain
Denis Twitchett and Tilemann Grimm: Cheng-t'ung, Ching-t'ai, and T'ien-shun Reigns, 1436-1464
Hok-Lam Chan: Chien-wen, Yung-lo, Hung-hsi, and Hsüan-te reigns
Jim Goodman: Children of the Jade Dragon
Jim Goodman: Children of the Jade Dragon (Kindle Edition)
Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen: China
Tan Chung: China and the Brave New World
David Luesink, William H. Schneider and Zhang Daqing: China and the Globalization of Biomedicine
George N. Patterson: China and Tibet: Background to the Revolt
Patrick Whitehouse and Maggy Whitehouse: China By Rail
Hugh R. Clark: China during the Tang-Song Interregnum, 878–978
Shih Kuo-Heng: China Enters the Machine Age: A Study of Labour in Chinese War Industry
Ferdinand Freiherr von Richthofen: China: Ergebnisse eigener Reisen und darauf gegr\ündeter Studien
: China in Ancient and Modern Maps
A. Doak Barnett: China on the Eve of Communist Takeover
Mark Edward Lewis: China's Cosmopolitan Empire
Ronald G. Knapp and Terry E. Miller: China's Covered Bridges
John W. Olsen: China's Earliest Inhabitants
Francis Allard: China's Early Impact on Eastern Yunnan
A. Doak Barnett: China's Far West: Four Decades of Change
Derk Bodde: China's First Unifier
Herold J. Wiens: China's March Towards the Tropics
Ma Yin: China's Minority Nationalities
Fei Hsiao-Tung: China's Multi-National Family
Ronald G. Knapp: China's Old Dwellings
Frederik Marshman Bailey: China - Tibet - Assam: A Journey, 1911
Herbert Franke: China under Mongol Rule
John D. Langlois: China under Mongol Rule
Andrea Riemenschnitter: China zwischen Himmel und Erde
E.G. Pulleyblank: Chinese and Their Neighbours in Prehistoric and Early Historic Times
Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt: Chinese Architecture
Nancy Shatzman Steinhardt: Chinese Architecture in an Age of Turmoil, 200--600
Jessica Rawson: Chinese Bronzes of Yunnan
于君方 (Yü Chün-fang): Chinese Buddhism
James Legge: Chinese Classics
James Legge: Chinese Classics
James Legge: Chinese Classics
James Legge: Chinese Classics
Ann Maxwell Hill: Chinese Dominance of the Xishuangbanna Tea Trade: An Interregional Perspective
Marshall Broomhall: Chinese Empire: A General and Missionary Survey
Thomas Lawton: Chinese Figure Painting
Charles O. Hucker: Chinese Government in Ming Times: Seven Studies
Endymion Porter Wilkinson: Chinese History
Endymion Porter Wilkinson: Chinese History
Wilt Idema: Chinese Literature
Howard Nelson: Chinese Maps: An Exhibition at the British Library
Sun Laichen: Chinese Military Technology and Dai Viet: c. 1390-1497
: Chinese Minority Film 中国少数民族电影
Latika Lahiri: Chinese Monks in India
Glady Boyd: Chinese Rainbow: Remarkable Missionary Experiences in Yunnan
Angela Falco Howard: Chinese Sculpture
David G. Atwill: Chinese Sultanate
Elliot Sperling: Chinese Venture in K'am, 1904-1911, and the Role of Chao Erh-feng
Frank A. Kierman and John K. Fairbank: Chinese Ways in Warfare
Laurel Bossen: Chinese women and rural development: sixty years of change in Lu Village, Yunnan
裘锡圭 (Qiu Xigui), Gilbert Louis Matto and Jerry Norman: Chinese Writing
E-Tu Zen Sun: Ch'ing Government and the Mineral Industries before 1800
Kerrie L. MacPherson: Cholera in China, 1820--1930
Sun Taichu and Xiong Xi: Chronology
Burton Watson: Chuang Tzu
Robert Payne: Chungking Diary
Andrew D. W. Forbes: Cin Ho(Yunnanese Chinese) Muslims of North Thailand
David Johnson: City-God Cults of T'ang and Sung China
Fernand Braudel: Civilisation materielle, econonmie et capitalisme, XVe-XVIIIe siecle. Le structures du quotidien: Le possible et l'impossible
Suzanne Pepper: Civil War in China: The Political Struggle, 1945-1949
John Minford and Joseph S. M. Lau: Classical Chinese Literature
李学勤 (Li Xueqin): Classical Myths of China's 56 Ethnic Groups
Anne Birrell: Classic of Mountains and Seas
David Nugent: Closed Systems and Contradiction: The Kachin In and Out of History
Cheng Zhifang and Li Antai: Clothes and Ornaments of Yunnan Ethnic Groups
Cultural Palace of Nationalities: Clothings and ornaments of China's Miao people
Jonathan Chaves: Cloud Gate Song
马健雄 (Ma Jianxiong): Clustered Communities and Transportation Routes
Chen Yongling: Collection of Chinese Ethnological Studies
Thomas S. Mullaney: Coming to Terms with the Nation
姚寧 (Yao Ning): Commemorating the Deceased
R. Sprye and R. H. F. Sprye: Communication with the South-West Provinces of China from Rangoon in British Pegu
Johannes L. Kurz: Compilation and Publication of the Taiping yulan and the Cefu yuangui
Anonymous: Comrade Liu Chung Speaks at Yunnan Study Class
Paul Demiéville: Concile de Lhasa
Frank H. H. King: Concise Economic History of Modern China (1840-1961)
Wang Jianping: Concord and Conflict. The Hui Communities of Yunnan Society in a Historical Perspective
Adam Schorr: Connoisseurship and the Defense Against Vulgarity
George V. H. Moseley: Consolidation of the South China Frontier
Robyn R. Iredale: Contemporary minority migration, education, and ethnicity in China
Beth Ellen Notar: Contested terrains of history
Zhang Peizhen, Shen Zhenkang, Wang Min and Gan Weijun: Continuous deformation of the Tibetan Plateau from global positioning system data
David W. Pankenier: Cosmo-Political Background of Heaven's Mandate
Shi Songshan: Costumes and Ornaments of the Chinese Yi Nationality Picture Album
Richard von Glahn: Country of Streams and Grottoes
Burton Watson: Courtier and Commoner in Ancient China
Hans Ulrich Vogel and Sabine Hieronymus: Cowry Trade and Its Role in the Economy of Yünnan: From the Ninth to the Mid-Seventeenth Century. Part I
Hans Ulrich Vogel and Sabine Hieronymus: Cowry Trade and Its Role in the Economy of Yünnan: From the Ninth to the Mid-Seventeenth Century. Part II
H. Michael Metzgar: Crisis of 1900 in Yunnan: Late Ch'ing Militancy in Transition
Jon Fernquest: Crucible of War
Rongju Kan, Hongxiang Hu, Rongsheng Zeng, Walter D. Mooney and Thomas V. McEvilly: Crustal Structure of Yunnan Province, People's Republic of China, from Seismic Refraction Profiles
Paul Pelliot: C. Sainson : Nan tchao ye che, histoire particulière du Nan-tchao
Stevan Harrell: Cultural Encounters on China's Ethnic Frontiers
Ghillean Prance and Mark Nesbitt: Cultural History of Plants
Andreas Gruschke: Cultural Monuments of Tibet's Outer Provinces: Kham
Jonathan Unger: Cultural Revolution Conflict in the Villages
Victor C. Falkenheim: Cultural Revolution in Kwangsi, Yunnan and Fukien
Michael Schoenhals: Cultural Revolution on the Border: Yunnan's 'Political Frontier Defence' (1969-1971)
Zheng Xiaoyun: Culture of the Huayaodai and its Prospects
Anne P. Underhill: Current Issues in Chinese Neolithic Archaeology
David Crockett Graham: Customs and Religion of the Chiang