Publications starting with N
T. Tsering: Nag-ron Mgon-po rnam-rgyal: A 19th century Khams-pa Warrior
Joseph Francis Rock: Na-khi Naga Cult and Related Ceremonies
Anthony Jackson: Na-khi Religion : an Analytical Appraisal of the Na-khi Ritual Texts
Charles Backus: Nan-chao Kingdom and T'ang China's Southwestern Frontier
Gungwu Wang: Nanhai Trade
Camille Sainson: Nan-tchao Ye-che
Christian Daniels: Nanzhao as a Southeast Asian kingdom, c.738–902
G. T. Bayfield: Narrative of a Journey from Ava to the Frontier of Assam, and back, performed between December 1836 and May 1837, under the Orders of Lieutenant-Colonel Burney
Megan Bryson: Nation Founder and Universal Saviour
Margaret Bryne Swain: Native Place and Ethnic Relations in Lunan Yi Autonomous County, Yunnan
Heinrich Handel-Mazetti: Naturbilder aus Südwest China
Charles Freemont McKhann: Naxi and the Nationalities Question
Berthold Laufer: Nichols Mo-So Manuscript
Yeon-Ju Lee and Laurent Sagart: No Limits to Borrowing
Annette Juliano: Nomads, Traders and Holy Men Along China's Silk Road
Volker Grabowski: Northern Tai Polity of Lan Na (Babai Dadien) between the late 13\ynth to Mid-16\ynth Centuries: Internal Dynamics and Relations with Her Neigbours
D. R. Feng and L. G. Kilborn: Nosu and Miao Arrow Poisons
Boleslaw Szcezeniak: Note on the Studies of Longitudes Made by M. Martini, A. Kircher, and J. N. Delisle from the Observations of Travellers to the Far East
Michel Soymie: Notes d'Iconographie Chinoise
Francis Kingdon Ward: Notes on a Journey across Tsa-Rung
Ting Wen-chiang: Notizen von einer gemächlichen Fahrt in Südchina
Sarah Allen: Not the Lun Yu
Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d' Anville: Nouvelle Atlas de la Chine, de lat Tartarie chinoise et du Thibet
Martin Martini: Novus Atlas Sinensis
Martin Martini: Novus Atlas Sinensis