Publications starting with P
Ben Hillman: Paradise Under Construction: Minorities, Myths and Modernity in Northwest Yunnan
Magnus Fiskesjö: Participant Intoxication and Self–Other Dynamics in the Wa context
Leslie Lyall: Passion for the Impossible: The China Inland Mission 1865-1965
E-Tu Zen Sun: Pattern of Railway Development in China
Fei Hsiao-Tung: Peasant Life in China: A Field Study of Country Life in the Yangtze Valley
Barry Sautman: Peking Man and the Politics of Paleoanthropological Nationalism in China
Arthur Purdy Stout: Penetration of Yunnan
Yin Shaoting: People and Forests
Catherine Churchman: People between the Rivers
Paul Lewis and Elaine Lewis: People's of the Golden Triangle: Six Tribes in Thailand
Frank Proschan: Peoples of the Gourd: Imagined Ethnicities in Highland Southeast Asia
Margaret Bryne Swain: Père Vial and the Gni-p'a: Orientalist Scholarship and the Christian Project
George Forrest: Perils of Plant Collecting
Richard Bernhart Owen: Physical Geography and Geology: Imprints on a Landscape, Yunnan, China
Jennifer Giaccai, Jeffrey Joseph and John Winter: Pigments in Song and Yuan Paintings from the Freer Gallery of Art
Frank Kingdon-Ward: Pilgrimage for Plants
: Ping bian Miao zu zi zhi xian min zu zhi
Armin Selbitschka: Pitfalls of Second-hand Information
Ma Chang-Le, Robert K. Moseley, Chen Wen-Yun and Zhou Zhe-Kun: Plant diversity and priority conservation areas of Northwestern Yunnan, China
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Hu-Yin Huai and Sheng-Ji Pe: Plants Used Medicinally by Folk Healers of the Lahu People from the Autonomous County of Jinping Miao, Yao, and Dai in Southwest China
Hermann Von Wissmann: Pleistocene Glaciation in China
Edwin Hans Colbert and Walter Granger: Pleistocene mammals from the Ma Kai Valley of northern Yunnan, China
Burton Watson: Po Chü-i
Stephen Owen: Poetry of Du Fu
Stephen Owen: Poetry of the Early T'ang
Robert E Murowchick: Political and Ritual Significance of Bronze Production and Use in Ancient Yunnan
James Lee: political economy of a frontier: Southwest China, 1250-1850
Cheng Lin, Terry Peach and Wang Fang: Political Economy of the Han Dynasty and Its Legacy
W. Carl Rufus: Political Star Chart of the Twelfth Century
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Stephane Gros: Politics of Names: the Identification of the Dulong (Drung) of Northwest Yunnan
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Ho Chui Mei: Pottery in South China: River Xjiang and Upper Red River Basins
Hongjie Wang: Power and Politics in Tenth-century China
Sara Davis: Premodern Flows in Postmodern China: Globalization and the Sipsongpanna Tais
Walter Carl Hartwig: Primate Fossil Record
Robert E Buswell and Donald S. Lopez: Princeton Dictionary of Buddhism
Chang: Proceedings of the International Association of Historians of Asia
Anne Buller: Proceedings of the International Conference on Thai Studies
朱霞 (Zhu Xia): Production of Well Salt by Ethnic Minorities in Pre-modern Yunnan
David L. B. Jupp: Projection, Scale, and Accuracy in the 1721 Kangxi Maps
John M'Carthy: Province of Yunnan
Edwin A. Winkler: Provincial Handbook of China
Donald S. Sutton: Provincial Militarism and the Chinese Republic
F. Weiss: Provinz Yünnan, ihre Handels und Verkehrsverhältnisse
Neil J. Diamond: Pursuing Rights and Getting Justice on China's Ethnic Frontier, 1949-1966